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Yak's Bend Website

Eight Samurai, Jan 23, 13 6:02 PM.
Register with our GW2 server website at and get access to the forums, calendars, and more!

New Festival for GW1

Eight Samurai, Aug 18, 12 1:49 AM.
There is a new festival going on in GW1 where you just have to travel to 5 or so major sites in all 4 games. Once you do, I heard the reward is a Tormented weapon (according to my guildie)!

Final servers have been listed

Eight Samurai, Aug 14, 12 11:02 PM.
Henge of Denravi is officially on the list of final servers so we are good to go on that one!

Big GW2 update

Eight Samurai, Aug 13, 12 7:48 PM.
There is an 11600 file update for GW2 so remember to open up the client.


hoegarden31, Aug 12, 12 6:05 AM.
This stress test is only 1 hour... So have fun and do your best to find a lot of bugs.
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